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As seen on Andrea's Lookbook

This is a 42” Electroplated chain. There is no clasp on this style because it is worn tied in front. To make this necklace more versatile, we suggest having the chain cut into 2 pieces. Doing this will allow for the necklace to be worn as a single chain at a more standard length with a removable clasp which would allow the additional piece to be added to achieve the tied look.

The clasp that is used is a push gate clasp which connects the two pieces together and would also allow a charm to be added if you wanted. Because the clasp is an oval shape it blends in nicely with the chain and doesn’t come off too visibly and then it gives that flexibility to be worn in multiple ways. The shorter portion could be 16”-18” and the additional piece would then be the remaining 22”-24”. See pictures below, the one that Andrea has on is 32” and then 9.5” and then clasp is 1/2” for a total of 42”. Of course this can be done with a single piece if that is the only way you want to wear the chain. And it can also be cut at any lengths desired.

When ordering be sure to email us at: to specify what lengths you want the pieces to be, otherwise it will just come as a single 42" piece (can also be worn doubled at this length).

This chain is a final sale as each one is custom cut.  Email with questions.

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